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Case Study: Expediting Workforce Communication with Text Messaging


ShiftNote’s objective is to simplify communication between work shifts to keep teams on task and organized. Regardless of the size of an organization’s workforce, calling employees one at a time to see if they can cover a shift, announcing schedule changes, and keeping track of it all can be time-draining and ineffective. Emails can help streamline the process, but what ensured prompt and up-to-the-minute shift management was the incorporation of text messaging.


The most important component of ShiftNote’s employee scheduling platform is the ability to expedite communication between management and employees. Its services are comprised of two main solutions: a manager’s logbook and an employee scheduling platform. Its solutions seek to bring management, people, and systems together with an easy-to-use application that relies on a convenient mobile app, instant team messaging, and extensive customer support.


Using Slooce Technology’s SMS messaging platform that incorporates the use of short codes, ShiftNote enables its users to schedule new shifts by sending a shift announcement to the whole team. Scheduled shifts can be easily changed by sending a shift modification to the crew. Employees who need to cancel a shift can do so by releasing it, which triggers a message to find a shift replacement among all co-workers. Automated reminders of shift start times can be sent to maximize attendance and punctuality.


“The Slooce text messaging platform makes managers’ and employees’ lives so much easier because problems get solved in real time. Text messaging takes out the guesswork and the delays caused by other communication channels. ShiftNote users can choose to communicate by email or by text and an overwhelming percentage—upwards of 88 percent—prefer texting. If you need to get it done quickly, text messaging is the way,” says Jacey Lamb, who manages marketing communications at ShiftNote.


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