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How a simple text spread joy in times of need


Ever been trolled online? Of course – who hasn’t. Mental Health America and Sinch wanted to do something to fight pervasive online negativity, so they built the world’s first texting switchboard: #TextForHumany. The platform allows strangers to send and receive personal, positive texts. Later on, when  the COVID-19 pandemic started, #TextForHumanity was re-launched to support frontline workers and people in isolation.


The switchboard went live just before “the most depressive day of the year”, Blue Monday, through media exclusives and influencers in several countries. From there the concept spread quickly, with close to no media spend, reaching far and wide across the globe. The project was later relaunched to spread joy during the COVID-19 pandemic.


#TextForHumanity is enabled by SMS using short codes, so it’s easy for anyone with even the most basic phone to participate.


With more than 90,000 positive messages sent, #TextForHumanity is a standout campaign noticed and admired by businesses, media, influencers, and mobile users worldwide.

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