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Case Study: Job Recruiting via SMS


JobAlarm provides a leading mobile candidate platform, giving employers the ability to reach the hard-to-reach job candidates. By using interactive SMS messaging, they extend companies’ recruiting reach and maximize their candidate flow.


JobAlarm sought a method of communicating with job candidates that was quick, personalized, and engaging. 


Enlisted by retail stores and restaurants across the US, JobAlarm offers full-service candidate recruiting that relies on text message communications. First, candidates begin the registration process by sending a text message with the keyword listed on the poster to the short code. Next, they receive a text requesting their zip code, and finally, upon receipt of the zip code, the candidate is added to the applicant pool and starts receiving job alerts for the selected business and location.


JobAlarm worked with their partner to swiftly implement a dedicated code in a matter of weeks, increasing their business and establishing a strong foundation for their long-term success.

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