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Kids Read Now

Case Study: Keeping Kids Reading Thanks to SMS Messaging


The Kids Read Now (KRN) program helps parents and children keep up summer reading by sending them books during the school break. The success of KRN’s summer program hinges on its ability to simply communicate with parents or guardians via short code text messaging—the preferred communication option for more than two-thirds of parents.


The team at KRN needed to find a reliable and scalable text messaging solution that would reach parents quickly and directly and would be easy and intuitive to respond to and use.


Using short code and text messaging capabilities, the organization was able to scale their program and reach their growing number of students with the peace of mind that text messages would get through to all parents, any time on any type of phone.


KRN was able to reach four times the volume of parents with instant delivery. Once they had reliable messaging, kids who enrolled in the program read several levels above their classmates who were not enrolled in the program.

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