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Case Study: Keeping Customers Safe and Informed


Southern California Edison (SCE), which delivers power to more than 15 million customers across 50,000 square miles of Southern California, quickly outgrew its system for communicating outages. SCE sought a solution capable of communicating with customers during times of crisis efficiently.


SCE worked with their partner to deploy its Enterprise Omnichannel Notification System, (EONS), a unified interface to create, distribute, and monitor mission-critical messaging programs.


EONS ingests, aggregates, and standardizes large amounts of data from disparate sources into a single dataset. SCE can quickly query specific customer attributes to create custom and multimodal ad-hoc emergency programs in minutes, such as distributing SMS notifications via short codes.


The efficiency of EONS has led to a 60% increase in staff productivity, while notification speed has increased over 80%, meaning SCE can querying more data and deploy more communications in an hour than could previously be processed in five hours. Read the more in-depth case study here

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