Order a Code

There are three ways to initiate a new application for a short code:

  1. Fill out applicant information in the Applicant Details section.
  2. In the Content Provider Details section, leave the default information if the content provider is the same as the applicant. If the content provider is a different entity, click the Select Address link and choose an address or enter the new information.
  3. (Optional) Enter your own company’s Purchase Order Number in the Purchase Order Number section if you so desire. Note that this number is not tracked by the SCR system; it is merely there to display on your order.
  4. If you intend to use the code for a political campaign, select Yes radio button. If you have chosen 'Yes', enter the FEC ID in the provided field if known. Note that the default option selected here is No.

NOTE: Short Codes that will be used to support political campaign contributions are subject to a distinct vetting process.

  1. In the Requested Short Codes section, Select Selected or Random or both as needed. The default option is Selected and you may need to deselect it if only Random codes are to be ordered.
  2. If you select Random, enter the number of Short Codes you want in the text box.
  3. If you select Selected, enter the actual Short Code numbers you want in the text boxes. The limit is 20 Short Codes per order.

NOTE: The combination of selected and random short codes is limited is 20 per order.

  1. Click Submit. As the form notes, carriers require at least one campaign for each leased Short Code. A completed and accepted campaign is required in the SCR system before a short code can be renewed.
  2. (Conditional) If you applied for one or more Selected Short Codes, and the Short Code is not available, you will see an Error message under the APPLY FOR NEW Short Code tab along with instructions on what to do next. Any short codes that are not available will be removed from list of codes that you entered.
  3. The My Cart page displays.
  4. Select the radio button for the desired term. The default term is for 3 months, but you can choose a 6-month or 12-month term. If you choose a different term, the screen will refresh and display the new price.
  5. (Optional)To receive a discount, enter a program code in the Program Code text box and click Redeem. The screen will refresh and display the discounted price. Only one program code may be applied for each order.
  6. If you are enrolled in monthly billing and you wish to have Automatically renew the short code(s) into Monthly Billing once the selected pre-pay lease is paid, select the check-box that option.

To continue the order as pre-paid from My Cart,

  1. (Conditional and Optional) If you have any credits or unapplied payments, a message under the CONTINUE PURCHASE button will inform you of this, and tell you the amount. If you wish to use your credit, complete this order as Pay later. Then contact the Service Desk if you want to apply this money to the order.
  2. Click CONTINUE PURCHASE. The Order Payment page displays with the short codes listed.
  3. Select the radio button for Pay Now or Pay Later in the Payment Information section. (Conditional) If you selected the radio button for Pay Now, click Add New card if a Credit card is not already saved.
  4. Select pay using: Ending <####> for the already saved default credit card or New Card
  5. (Conditional) If you selected the radio button for Pay Now, the default credit card Pay using: Ending <####> is automatically selected if already saved else, click New card
  6. Select the card you will be using in the Card Type field.
  7. Enter the card number in the Card Number text box.
  8. Select the Expiration Date, month and year in the Expiration field.
  9. Enter the Card Verification Number (CVN) in the text box provided.

Note: For your safety and security, we require that you enter your card verification number. For Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards, the card verification number is the last 3 digit number located on the back of your card on or above your signature line. For an American Express card, it is the 4 digits on the front above the end of your card number.

  1. If you wish to use the new card for all further transactions and auto-renewals, they can check the Credit Card Profile Update.
  2. Complete or change the information in the Billing Information section, which may be populated based on your entries earlier. All fields are required, except Address Line 2 and Alternate Phone Number. In the Auto-Renew section, select the radio button for Opt In or Opt Out. If you Opt In, five days before the expiration the code will automatically be renewed for another lease term. The account’s default credit card will be charged.
  3. If your account is not enabled for Monthly Billing under the Auto Renew section if you want to subscribe to auto-renew service for the short codes in the order, choose Opt-In and agree to the terms for auto-renew service.
  4. If your account is enabled for Monthly Billing, under the Auto Renew and Monthly Billing section:
  1. Select the check-box for the acceptance of Short Code Registry’s Registrant Sublicense License Agreement.
  2. Click COMPLETE ORDER. The Thank You (order confirmation) page displays, confirming your order information.

NOTE: The order ID on the Order Confirmation page links to the View Order page for the order. The Registrant can use this to check order details.