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Select Short Codes

Amplify Engagement with Short Codes

Your goal is to increase brand engagement and drive awareness or sales. With open rates of 98% and a conversion rate of 45%, text message marketing campaigns are a critical component to helping you achieve the engagement rates you strive for.

The best way to deliver your message is through short codes, the most universally trusted messaging option in the United States. The reason is simple – customers opt in and invite future engagement. This drives increased levels of interaction because your audience is more prone to opening and interacting with you when they set the terms. As such, it is not a surprise why companies turn to them to bring customers into the branded experience through voting, surveys, sweepstakes, coupon offers and alerts.


Make it Memorable

Building long-term, meaningful customer engagement is even easier with a select short code. By choosing your short code number you can be sure it complements your brand and is easy to remember, which helps build recognition and loyalty. If you do not select your short code, you will be assigned a random number.

Select short codes can be a set of repeating numbers, an easy-to-remember number sequence or a code that numerically spells an element of your brand. Companies who advertise over radio, TV, billboards and social media will benefit from an easy-to-remember combination as it leads to increased engagement and delivers the greatest long-term value and marketing impact across multiple campaigns.


The Power of a Partnership

While selecting your short code is the first step in kick-starting your marketing campaign, there are other factors to consider, including defining the campaign, submitting it for review and securing service provider approval.

Those who prefer to leave the details to the experts can easily partner with application providers, content providers and aggregators.  Approved partners are experienced in quickly and seamlessly activating new campaigns so that you can focus on meaningful customer engagement.

Select a code and get started with your short code campaign today.