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The Realtor and The Customer 

The Story for Realtors

A quick text to a common short code connects the customer to property information — and a realtor — within seconds!

Using short codes for communication, lead generation and automation makes real estate marketing easier than ever before — while enhancing service, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty.

The Story for Marketing Partners

Real estate marketing firms like Circlepix, Goomzee and Mobile Real Estate ID are providing something that’s in high demand among realtors  — instant homebuyer engagement not to mention instant gratification for their customers!

In Short . . . 

A property is advertised online or on traditional print media. Prospective buyers text the property ID to a short code and instantly receive, on their smart phones, additional details about the property along with contact info for the realtor. The connection has been made at the very moment the buyer is interested. 

You might call that a shortcut to success.